Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Sylvan … or nearly happy birthday as it’s really tomorrow but we gathered along with the rest of the Andrew family to celebrate a day early.

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Fun & Games

Having a great time with our 2 nephews River & Lukas. They are such cute and lively little boys !...

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G’day Norfolk Island

Mar 16, 12

G’day Norfolk … or should I say “Wat awey yorlee” which is Norfolks for welcome to you all. The Norfolks dialect is actually a rather unlikely mixture of Cornish and Tahitian. This has come about as the majority of Norfolk Islanders are direct decedents of the Mutineers on the Bounty. After a ‘brief’...

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G’day Sydney

3,915 miles and 7 hours later we’re saying g’day Sydney. Off tomorrow to Norfolk Island...

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Singapore -Origins

Mar 15, 12

Sir Stamford Thomas Raffles (1781-1826) first set foot on the island of Singapore on 29th January 1819 which was then just a small fishing village. Raffles, an agent of the British East India Company ventured to Singapore hoping to establish a free port and a halfway point for traders along the China-India trade routes. After...

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Singapore Nights

Singapore really comes alive at night. It seems to take on a whole new feel and the cityscape vibrates energy especially from the way that the buildings are lit up. One of the most spectacular of all the mega constructions in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands. It consists if three 55 storey towers each joined at the summit by a...

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Colonial Echos

We rather smugly thought we’d beaten the jet lag and had gotten our bodies into its new routine smoothly. However 4:00am in the morning found us both wide awake so we resigned ourselves to a few more wakeful hours until we would get up for breakfast … 8 hours later though we woke up decidedly confused at 12:30 in the...

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Singapore … A ‘fine’ city

Mar 14, 12

Urban legend … a form of modern folklore consisting of stories usually believed by their tellers to be true A lot of what we “know” to be true can sometimes turn out to be no more than an ‘urban legend’ .So what you you reckon to the claims below … fact or fiction ? Chewing gum is a controlled...

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Exploring outside the city

Singapore is an incredibly neat, pristine place. There’s no litter, no graffiti and everyone is incredibly polite. The streets are clean and practically all the buildings look like they’re brand new or at least well maintained. This along with the vibrant colours of the plants and trees, which due to humidity look...

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Singapore revisited

7,265 miles and 12.5 hours later we find ourselves back in the steamy tropical fug of Singapore. Singapore is still as amazing and strange as I remember it from 7 years ago. It truly is a city state; a concrete, vibrant metropolitan futurescape. Everything is done on a massive scale with huge plazas, highways, walkways and shopping...

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