2012’s Cider – “Lisia Melange”

Nov 24, 12 2012’s Cider – “Lisia Melange”

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I’ve finally racked off and bottled this years cider called “Lisia Melange”

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The Beginnings Of A New Cider Orchard @ Chez Tostevin

Nov 18, 12 The Beginnings Of A New Cider Orchard @ Chez Tostevin

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This weekend we’ve been laying down the foundations of what I hope will be a future Cider orchard.

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Dagtocht naar Amsterdam

Nov 01, 12 Dagtocht naar Amsterdam

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Dagtocht naar Amsterdam – “Day trip to Amsterdam” Yesterday we had a fantastic day trip to Amsterdam which took in a canal tour, a visit to the Rijksmuseum ending up with meal in Dam square.… lekker...

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Autumn in Holland

Oct 28, 12 Autumn in Holland

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We’re back in Holland again in time to see the gorgeous Autumn colours and landscapes … prachtig as they say here (beautiful) !! Also a chance for some of us (ie Annelies 😀 ) to partake of some good old traditional winter fayre … Pea Soup or “Snert” … so thick you literally can stand your spoon up in it...

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Shakespeare at the Castle

Aug 10, 12 Shakespeare at the Castle

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We’ve had a great evening of Shakespeare at Vale Castle, a medieval fortification perched above the little Russel overlooking Herm and Jethou. The play was “Julius Caesar”, officially a tragedy, but as it was the “Oddsocks” company performing it they managed to convert it into a hilarious romp through,...

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The Olympic flame comes to Guernsey

Jul 15, 12 The Olympic flame comes to Guernsey

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A first for Guernsey … as part of it’s mammoth trip around the UK, the Olympic torch was in Guernsey today. Around 15,000 islanders gathered in St Peter Port to watch it process around the town before it was used to light Guernseys own Olympic beacon. There was a fantastic party and carnival atmosphere and even the...

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Raspberri Pi

Jul 09, 12 Raspberri Pi

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Yay … got delivery of my Raspberry-Pi today.

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Some notes on a not so ‘Civil War’

Jun 08, 12 Some notes on a not so ‘Civil War’

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The Civil War in England broke out in in August 1642. On one side stood King Charles I, and his supporters and on the other, men like Oliver Cromwell who believed that the king was a tyrant. War spread to Scotland, Ireland and Wales and lasted nearly nine years. Families and friends found themselves on opposite sides but were prepared to fight each other to the death.

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Cromwell Country

Jun 07, 12 Cromwell Country

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The area around Cambridge can definitely be described as “Cromwell Country”. His influence and memory can be seen everywhere. Accordingly we immersed ourselves in exploring his historical legacy today by visiting his house in Ely. It was great to walk through the house where this great man lived, worked and planned the...

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The Queen … Our Duke

Jun 04, 12 The Queen … Our Duke

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“The Queen, Our Duke” – an odd thing to say, especially in a loyal toast to the English Sovereign. Nonetheless whenever Channel Islanders raise their glasses to her majesty that’s the toast that will be made.

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