Hello Singapore

Jun 20, 16 Hello Singapore

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It was ‘hello again’ to Singapore as we stopped off for a couple of days on the way down to Australia to visit Sylvan, Marielle & the boys...

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In the Footsteps of a Hero

May 03, 14 In the Footsteps of a Hero

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It seems to me the generation that faced down the hardships and horrors of total war in WWI (and WWII) were made of a special kind of stuff.
Honour; duty to country; grit; courage; sacrifice; determination and resolve are all words that can (as a generalisation) epitomise those generations.

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Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum

Jan 17, 14 Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum

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Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum (Dutch Railway museum) a must for all little boys who like trains ! ๐Ÿ˜€ We all had a great day at this wonderful museum… and of course we went by train which was even more enjoyable as the boys haven’t really been on a train before … een leuke dag!...

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Dutch Culture in all its’ varied forms

Jan 13, 14 Dutch Culture in all its’ varied forms

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I love Holland and the Dutch culture …. where else in the world would theme parks and national art museums be so chicly done: The Efteling : Inspired by the artist Anton Pieck The New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (10 years in the...

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Story time with Annelies

Jan 12, 14 Story time with Annelies

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Story time with the boys is always a lot of fun...

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Nederlandse Artilleriemuseum

Jan 08, 14 Nederlandse Artilleriemuseum

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Back in Holland again and meeting up with Oma, Opa, Marielle, Sylvan and the boys … yay !!! River, Lukas and Seth are so cute and Uncle Rob is having a great time with them : Nerf Gun fights; Go-karting and a trip to the Dutch Artillery museum (so far) … made all the more interesting as Opa (Grandpa) served on the same...

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Mamma mia she’s a gonna fall …

Sep 19, 13 Mamma mia she’s a gonna fall …

Posted by in Italy 2013, Travel

Where else could we be with a blog title like that but … the leaning tower of ‘pizza’ …Pisa (sorry feeling a bit hungry as I write this)

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Bella Toscana

Sep 18, 13 Bella Toscana

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It may be something of a cliche I know, but … Tuscany IS beautiful.

Soft rolling hills, studded with lines of pencil thin Cypress trees, hillsides fat with vines and olive groves.

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More Antiqua Roma

Sep 11, 13 More Antiqua Roma

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We’ve packed in another full day of Ancient Roman sites. It makes up for the rather disappointing day we had yesterday when I was robbed on the Metro. I had my pocket picked and lost my iPhone {deep sob}. Spending a couple of hours in an Italian police station was ‘interesting’. It was like something out of the 1930s … weird.

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Bella Roma – The Eternal City

Sep 09, 13 Bella Roma – The Eternal City

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Rome …. This city is “history heaven” ! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Festung Guernsey

Jul 02, 13 Festung Guernsey

Posted by in Channel Islands, Miscellaneous

A short video entitled “Festung Guernsey” (Fortress Guernsey) showing a restored battery on the south coast of Guernsey. Guernsey and the Channel Islands was very much a part of Hitler’s Atlantic wall, his attempt to fortify the coast of Europe from Norway to Spain against allied invasion.

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Jun 29, 13 Herm

Posted by in Channel Islands

Spent a glorious day in Herm with Annelies’ Mum & Dad. I’d quite forgotten how absolutely beautiful this little island...

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