“Viva Las Vegas”

Nov 02, 08 “Viva Las Vegas”

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Well we’re on our way home now after an excellent conference in L.A & a final weekend in Las Vegas. We’ve certainly packed  a lot in… we’ve been to two shows “Keith Barry” (an illusionist) & “Ka” ( a Cirque du Soleil spectacular) We also managed a wee bit of gambling … unfortunately no big wins as well as visiting the Bellagio (scene for Oceans 12), plus the odd bar or two! We’ve also officially integrated ourselves into the local ‘redneck’ community … we went to a large gun range and fired off some serious hardware. Faheem had an AK-47 assault rifle whilst Declan fired off a pump action shot gun, an Uzi & a Desert Eagle hand gun. I managed to get my mits on some WWII hardware a Tommy Gun, MP40 (German Schmeiser) & a Colt 45 ….excellent...

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