Eden reclaimed

Aug 31, 10 Eden reclaimed

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Today we visited the impressive ‘Eden Project’. A trip Annelies has been positively salivating over since we planned our trip to Cornwall, and it didn’t dissapoint. Over to Annelies ….. “At first site Eden looks like an amazing futuristic scene with its big bubble-like biomes nestled into the valley spread before us. We headed for the biggest one first – the rainforest biome – but we were too late to escape the humidity and high temperatures inside. The re-created jungle world even houses a waterfall. Felt a bit like a science fiction setting like “Logan’s Run”. The Mediterranean biome was a little easier to cope with. Both were fantastic. Outside the biomes the global variety of plants and gardens continues to impress us particularly when looking at the comparative images of the site only ten years ago when it was a disused clay pit looking like a lunar landscape. Love the ethos of Eden Trust – ‘Education on our dependence on plants and finding ways for a sustainable future.’ Running this attraction is merely a way to raise funds for its educational and social programmes…. Love it!...

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Childhood revisited

Aug 30, 10

Today we drove to Polperro … a place I last visited on a family holiday when I was about 5 … 36 years ago … I can’t believe I’m that old !!!! Polperro is a delightful quaint Cornish fishing village crammed into a rocky valley that leads down to the sea. Like so many other Cornish fishing villages it’s cute with small alleyways and traditional English inns where at any moment you’d expect a gnarly old sea dog to come staggering out in the garb of an 18th century sailor … enough to set the imagination of a 5 year old (or 41 year old) little boy racing. Whilst in Polperro we also visited a minature village … something that fascinated me when I was 5 as well. Looking at it though I don’t think it’s had a clean or a lick of paint since I last touched it as a 5 year old! After Polperro we drove on down the coast to Fowey ( pronounced I’m told as ‘Foy’) where we took a car ferry across the harbour to the town centre. Whilst here we succumbed to the temptation for a full English cream tea : Sandwiches; Cakes; Scones; Jam; Cornish Clotted cream & Biscuits, and of course 2 pots of Tea. Boy am I gonna have to get back on my diet when I get back! (worth it though 😀...

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Aug 29, 10

Padstow … or the village owned and run by Rick Stein the celebrity sea food chef … or so you’d think when you visit it. Seriously though Padstow is beautiful and was well worth a visit in its own right. However it’s been firmly put on the map by Rick Stein. He owns a cafe, a restaurant, a brasserie, a patisserie and a fish and chip restaurant, all in the village itself. We tried out the fish and chip restaurant and ate them on the sea from overlooking the harbour … they were ‘scrumdidillyumptious’. It had everything you’d associate with a cozy archetypal Cornish village. There were traditional English ale houses, a brass band playing on the pier, the smell of pasties wafting through the air and Cornish ice-cream for sale on every street corner. It didn’t feel false though which made it all the more delightful. Sigh … I could get used to this!...

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Cornish Delight

Aug 28, 10

Well we’ve arrived in lovely Cornwall. We flew to Exeter and hired a car for the week. Our holiday home is just outside Newquay it’s nice … but a little musty … part of the charm I suppose … ahem! 😀 We’ve bought a TomTom GPS navigator especially for our Cornish/Provence “foray” and I have to say it’s fantastic … or should I say ‘she’s fantastic’ . Her name is officially Jane … after the persona or voice you can select for when it talks to you. We tried ‘Autralian Ken’, ‘Brit Tim.’ We even tried Dutch Bram and South African Doreen … but they didn’t do it for us, especially as Annelies is the only one between us who can understand Afrikaans. So she’s Jane and she’s incredibly accurate and useful. So much so we prefer her judgement over ours ( sometimes) …. the “day of the machines over humans” has arrived I guess ;-D Well we’re all set ready to explore Cornwall...

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