Homeward bound – touchdown

Mar 26, 12 Homeward bound – touchdown

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After a round trip of 24,502 miles we find ourselves back in Guernsey. We’ve nearly travelled the entire circumference of the globe in 2 weeks (Earth’s circumference is 24,859 miles) ! 😀 We’ve had a great trip, seen some great things and met up with the family again in Norfolk Island which was soooo good ! Leg Distance Time Guernsey ⇒ Gatwick 159 miles 256 km 45 mins London Heathrow ⇒ Singapore 7,265 miles 11,692 km 12.5 hours Singapore ⇒ Sydney 3,915 miles 6,300 km 7.5 hours Sydney ⇒ Norfolk 1,043 miles 1,679 km 2.5 hours Norfolk ⇒ Sydney 1,043 miles 1,679 km 2.5 hours Sydney ⇒ Singapore 4,004 miles 6,443 km 7.5 hours Singapore ⇒ London Heathrow 6,914 miles 11,127 km 13.5 hours Gatwick ⇒ Guernsey 159 miles 256 km 45 mins TOTAL 24,502 miles 39,432 km 47.5 hours Outward...

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Homeward bound – part 2

After a very pleasant night at the Crowne Plaza hotel at Singapore’s Changi Airport we’re off on our last but one leg home to dear ol’ Blighty … just another 6,914 miles to get under our belt … … simples 😀 Our journey took us over : Malaysia; India; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Turkmenistan; Russia; Ukraine; Poland; Germany and Holland. We passed over some pretty spectacular and rugged countryside especially in...

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Homeward bound – part 1

Well we’re on our way home. This time we travelled on the mighty Airbus A380. A most impressive leviathan of the air. The A380 has a length of 72.7m which is only 1.1m longer than a 747 but can carry 96 more passengers! Its secret lies in the fact that it contains 2 decks. Whilst the interior on the main deck, which we were on, is nearly the same as the Boeing 777 (3; 4; 3; seat arrangement) which we travelled down on on both legs of of journey to Oz, we noticed differences straight away. For one it’s incredibly quiet when compared with the Boeings. On take off it hardly felt the engines were on let alone being pushed to maximum capacity. Another major difference, although one we didn’t see being in “Cattle class” economy class, is the existence of suites … yes suites! In 1st class on the A380, for Singapore Air at least, you can have a suite. A suite is effectively your own enclosed cabin containing video screen entertainment, a recliner seat AND a separate full flat bed and...

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We spent a great day touring Sydney on the “Sydney Explorer” hop-on hop off tour bus with Ma en Pa who left Norfolk Island with us and are here in Sydney until a day after we leave. We got to see all the iconic Sydney sights : Darling Harbour; Sydney Bridge; the botanical gardens and of course the Sydney Opera house. The gardens were interesting as we got to see hundreds of “flying foxes”, bats with wingspans of up to 1.5 m, hanging from the trees. Sydney could certainly make a claim to be the Paris of the southern hemisphere … love was definitely in the air … literally! 😀 As we sat on the top deck of the bus we watched a sign writer aircraft carve out the message “Marry me Jen?” above the towering skyscrapers of central Sydney … we didn’t have to wait long for Jen’s answer … 5 minutes later the aircraft wrote out “She said yes!” In addition we saw at least half a dozen weddings, receptions and photo shoots going on around the city. In the evening we headed down to ” The Rocks”, the oldest part of Sydney and site of the first convict landings in 1788, for a...

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Tot ziens Norfolk

It’s time to say goodbye … Until the next time. We’ve had a great time especially with Mariëlle, Sylvan, River & Lukas. We miss them already 🙁 They gave us a terrific send off and as we zoomed down the runway we could see them on the other side of the field madly waving us off.

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