Norfolk Day 8 … Hens and Bucks

Last night was Marielle & Sylvan’s Hens & Bucks party …. and did they go with a bang!

The boys kicked off with paintball (& beers) at about 3 in the afternoon …. & man was it FUN, FUN FUN ! The overalls weren’t much  protection at all and so we all got our t-shirts & shorts liberally “redecorated” with various paint colour, in addition to the huge purple bruises we all got from the paintballs . Plus after crawling through a creek which was ankle deep in mud & goo I finished up in a truely ‘glorious’ state for the rest of the evening 😀 . The bridegroom to be was of course dressed up by the best man in a white dress & veil so we could all identify him more easily for target practice. Honours were pretty much even between the red & blue teams although my moment of glory came when I captured the red team’s flag & was half way back to our base when I was unfortunately brought down by a hail of red team paintballs.

We then adjourned for a barbie (&beer)  & re-dressed the bridgroom in a lovely little nightie after tieing a heavy chain around one of his ankles.

We then moved on to one of the local clubs to play Guitar Hero on their massive overhead screen. It was at this point that Sylvan was further trussed up like a turkey & led to the roundabout in the centre of town & left for a while, much to the amusement of a passing busload of tourists who also came back to watch. Unbeknownst to Sylvan a little “arrangement” had been made with the local police. So after we’d blindfolded & tied him to a palm tree in the middle of the main high street the police duely turned up, “arrested” him, bundled him in the back of the police car & drove off, sirens going.He was eventually delivered back to us at the campsite in Emily bay where we were all waiting for him. We then had another barbie (& a few beers) with the policeman that “arrested” him….. turns out that the policeman had once been a lifeguard on Jersey & knew Guernsey & the Channel Islands very well …… small world eh!

The Hens meanwhile started off down the beach where a surprise ‘package’ awaited Marielle in the shape of Ross ( A Pom from Newcastle).They then went back to a friends house for party games & a pyjama party along with copious amounts of beer … some of these Aussie women can sure put it away !  ;-D

Sylvan’s Bucks Night  Sylvan’s Bucks Night  Sylvan’s Bucks Night  Sylvan’s Bucks Night  Sylvan’s Bucks Night  Sylvan’s Bucks Night  Sylvan’s Bucks Night

Marielle’s Hens Night  Marielle’s Hens Night  Marielle’s Hens Night  Marielle’s Hens Night