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Eden reclaimed

Aug 31, 10 Eden reclaimed

Posted by in Cornwall & Provence 2010, Travel

Today we visited the impressive ‘Eden Project’. A trip Annelies has been positively salivating over since we planned our trip to Cornwall, and it didn’t dissapoint. Over to Annelies ….. “At first site Eden looks like an amazing futuristic scene with its big bubble-like biomes nestled into the valley...

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Childhood revisited

Aug 30, 10

Today we drove to Polperro … a place I last visited on a family holiday when I was about 5 … 36 years ago … I can’t believe I’m that old !!!! Polperro is a delightful quaint Cornish fishing village crammed into a rocky valley that leads down to the sea. Like so many other Cornish fishing villages...

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Aug 29, 10

Padstow … or the village owned and run by Rick Stein the celebrity sea food chef … or so you’d think when you visit it. Seriously though Padstow is beautiful and was well worth a visit in its own right. However it’s been firmly put on the map by Rick Stein. He owns a cafe, a restaurant, a brasserie, a...

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Cornish Delight

Aug 28, 10

Well we’ve arrived in lovely Cornwall. We flew to Exeter and hired a car for the week. Our holiday home is just outside Newquay it’s nice … but a little musty … part of the charm I suppose … ahem! 😀 We’ve bought a TomTom GPS navigator especially for our Cornish/Provence “foray” and I have to say...

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Haiku Holland

Jun 21, 10 Haiku Holland

Posted by in Holland, Travel

Not our usual holiday blog but whilst in Holland Annelies has been inspired to write some Haiku poetry… White wool fluffs the fields Peacefully they stand and dream Beneath clouded skies ~~ Black and white on green Shades of blue, grey, white above Holland’s colour scheme Tall and proud they stand Flanking quiet waterways...

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Gadget Utopia !

May 28, 10 Gadget Utopia !

Posted by in General Tech Stuff, Tech Stuff

It’s here … !!!! A couple of weeks ago I put my name down on a short list at our local Apple store for a 64GB wi-fi iPad, Its the UK launch day and I’ve been allocated one .…… wooo hoo! 😀 It is VERY impressive and causing quite a stir, I had no less than 5 people surrounding me in the office just opening the box...

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A la Perchoine* Cambridge

May 23, 10 A la Perchoine* Cambridge

Posted by in Cambridge 2010, Travel

This morning we had a late brunch with Julie before heading off to the Fitzwilliam Art museum. The museum houses works from antiquity right up to modern abstract art. We were able to get up close to works by Monet, Cezanne, Picasso and Rembrandt amongst many others. Also, and what I found most impressive, there were carvings and...

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Shop till ya drop

May 22, 10 Shop till ya drop

Posted by in Cambridge 2010, Travel

Met up with Julie for a leisurely brunch in a little cafe on the river Cam. We then spent the afternoon wandering the charming streets and alleyways of Cambridge shopping like people possesed (we’re returning home with no less than 5 new pairs of shoes between us!) This evening we went to Great St Mary’s Church to...

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Tally-Ho !

May 21, 10 Tally-Ho !

Posted by in Cambridge 2010, Travel

Today we visited the nearby Duxford airbase. Now the site of the Imperial War Museum for aviation. Duxford has a long history of military aviation right from WWI through to the 1960s. Most famous of course for its “Big Wing” during the Battle of Britain. It’s from here that the famous Douglas Bader flew with his...

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Cambridge Revisited

May 20, 10 Cambridge Revisited

Posted by in Cambridge 2010, Travel

Well we’re back again in the outrageously cosy city of Cambridge, visiting Julie in her ‘new’ digs. Cambridge is a lovely as ever and even the weather has perked up so that it’s hot and sunny. After arriving today we visited Wood Wind and Reed where I deposited my beloved Tenor Sax for repair and service...

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Santa Fun Run 2009 ….

Dec 21, 09 Santa Fun Run 2009 ….

Posted by in Miscellaneous

Phew … I did it !! I’ve just completed my first “competition run” ! 😀 hmmm … well actually not really a “competition” … and the run was actually slightly shorter than one of my weekly training sessions …… however I did achieve a personal best pace time of a 9:21 minute...

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Its here at last ….

Jul 02, 09

The long awaited iPhone 3.0 update is here and hot on it’s heals is the iPhone-dev teams jailbreak and unlock. My phone has duely been updated, jailbroken and unlocked. To do this you need to : 1. Install v3.0 via iTunes 2. Download the torrent for redsn0w 3. Install redsn0w to jailbreak the OS ( this also adds Cydia) 4....

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Au Revoir Cambridge

Jun 02, 09

After a final frantic flurry of shopping its sadly time to bid au revoir to Cambridge. Annelies managed to buy 4 dresses a casual top and a skirt in the space of 4 hours ably abetted by Julie and my Mum. I managed a more modest shop in the local music store where I bought some new Jazz Improv tutors and a new Tenor sling. Cambridge...

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Botanical Odyssey

Jun 01, 09 Botanical Odyssey

Posted by in Cambridge 2009, Travel

Today we visited the wonderfully tranquil Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. They were first opened in 1846 by John Henslow a teacher of Charles Darwin. They really are an oasis of beauty right in the heart of Cambridge. They also proved a useful source of inspiration for our new garden. The weather was superb, hot and...

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