Who’s afraid of the Boogie man….

Sep 17, 10 Who’s afraid of the Boogie man….

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Wowzers !!! Last night we went to see, hear and generally inhale the genius that is Jooles Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Band. Boogie Woogie, Blues, Jazz, Swing, Big Band …. enough to satisfy even the biggest musical appetite. The sax solos were mental … they were full on INSANELY BRILLIANT!! 😀 As you can tell I’ve been a big fan of the music of Jooles Holland for a while and sitting only 6 rows from the stage was a musical feast we avidly gorged ourselves on. People, (including us,) were dancing in the aisles and generally whooping it up big time. Definitely going to see if we can catch another concert of his sometime soon in the...

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