Santa Fun Run 2009 ….

Dec 21, 09 Santa Fun Run 2009 ….

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Phew … I did it !! I’ve just completed my first “competition run” ! 😀 hmmm … well actually not really a “competition” … and the run was actually slightly shorter than one of my weekly training sessions …… however I did achieve a personal best pace time of a 9:21 minute mile … plus this was the first time I’ve run with other runners … over 300 to be more precise ! Although this was my first one, the “Santa Fun Run” has become something of a tradition now in Guernsey. The idea is to raise some money for a local charity “Aid Reaching Children” (ARC) as well as having some exercise & a lot of fun. The adult course is about 3.6 miles and starts off from Pembroke car park and finishes in Church Square in Town [Map1 and Map2]. The children’s course runs from Bulwer avenue to Town and is joined by the adults course about half way through. I started on a running programme about 3 months ago …. entitled “Couch to 5K in 9 weeks” which basically builds you up gradually to running 5K (3.1 miles) via a series of running/walking intervals. Once I’d done this I wanted to carry on and am now doing 3 sessions a week of about 4 miles each. I’m really enjoying it, despite the freezing cold, rainy whether. You get a real buzz from running and if you’ve had a bad or grumpy day at work, going for a run is a real tonic to drive those negative vibes away :-D. So what’s next ? … not sure, but I am keen to keep expanding the distances and improving my times so we shall see...

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